Dual Pane Replacement


Insulated glazing ( IG ) also known as double glazing are double or tripe glass window panes, seperated by air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across the area.


  1. Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) – Measures the amount of visible light that passes through glass.
  2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) – The measurement of how well glass absorbs heat generated by sunlight. Measured on a scale of 0-1, glasses with a lower SHGC value block out more heat from transmitting.
  3. Light to solar Gain (LSG) – A measure of how well glass allows natural light to pass through while blocking out solar heat. It is the ratio between the Visible Light Transmittance and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and describes the relative energy-efficiency of glasses. While not possible, the ideal environmental performance of glass would be to transmit 100% of the sunlight while absorbing 100% of the solar heat.
  4. U-Value – The measurement of heat transfer through glass and other building materials. Glasses with lower U-Values are better insulators.Proper care of your windows and patio doors is important. With just a little routine care and cleaning, you can ensure your windows and doors will continue to perform their best while looking great. 


What It Looks Like

You first notice it when your thermal insulated window is fogged up and you cannot seem to unfog it, no matter what you try.

At first, naturally, you think the window is not clean enough.  So you clean it with Windex until your hands are raw, and the result: nothing.

If that describes your situation, you may want to know what is going on.

Fogging, hazing or moisture between the two panes of glass means that a window seal has failed.  While a window can certainly fail and not have any moisture between the two panes, it is more common to see mositure between the two panes.

More Importantly, can you do anything about it, short of replacing the entire window?

Yes, you can just replace the dual pane panel without replacing the entire frame. 

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